Rachel Kaufman

Did She Or Didn’t She? Gov Report Says Sandy Had Little Effect On Jobs This Month

Despite an ADP report to the contrary, the Bureau of Labor Statistics today said that Hurricane Sandy did not “substantively impact the national employment and unemployment estimates for November.” That […]

What Fresh Hell Is This? Resume Writer Says To Stop Searching For A Job Because Your Next One Will Find You

Have you ever spent ten minutes searching for your car keys, only to find them appear just as you’ve thrown your hands up and said “Screw it, I’ll walk”? Sure […]

LinkedIn ‘Open Endorsers’ Ruining It For Everyone

First there were LIONs, or LinkedIn Open Networkers—essentially people who would friend anyone who asked, presumably in order to win a meaningless pissing contest on the Internet about who had […]

Does This Video Make You Want To Intern At TheStreet.com?

In what has to be the weirdest intern recruitment video ever*, TheStreet reporters talk about….everything besides why you might want to intern here. The tongue-firmly-in-cheek video has reporters talking about […]

Facebook Launches Social Jobs App, It’s ‘Not A Linkedin Killer’

“Not a Linkedin killer” is about the nicest thing anyone could think of to say about Facebook’s new social jobs partnership, which lets members search job postings from Monster, BranchOut, […]

Ouch: Canadian ‘Community-Powered News Organization’ Has Its Bank Accounts Frozen, Owes Freelancers

Luckily, the individual amounts in question are only a few hundred bucks in most cases, but even a hunsky owed is an annoyance at best and a hardship at worst […]

Guest Post: Does Marissa Mayer’s Approach To Maternity Leave Make Sense?

Contributed by Sebastian Bailey, PhD, Co-Founder and President, Mind Gym, @DrSebBailey As far as first 100 days go, unexpectedly increasing revenue and the share price of a company described as […]

The Atlantic Expected To Be Profitable Third Year Running

Say what you will about the death of media (we know you will whether we give you the opening or not), The Atlantic is one property that has seemingly cracked […]

If HR Were President: Four Policies That Would Improve America’s Workforce

Thankfully no matter which way you swing politically, the election is now over and Americans will be granted a reprieve from election cycle news until AT LEAST a week from […]

Meredith Xcelerated Marketing Staffs Up

Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) has brought on four new hires from the media and agency worlds, MinOnline reports. The new hires are Tom Donnelly, formerly of CQ Roll Call, Gail […]