Rachel Kaufman

Wolfram Alpha Updates Facebook Analytics, Could Be Useful Or Something

So Wolfram Alpha, the bizarre search engine that lets you find out things like the nutritional values of 10 peanut M&Ms or what a 30-sided polyhedron looks like has a […]

Employee Outsources His Job to China

In the “don’t do this” category: A software developer in the U.S. apparently outsourced his six-figure job to China so he could spend all day reading Reddit and watching cat […]

Wannabe Work-From-Home-Parents Would Take a Pay Cut to Do It

Employers, if you’ve been leery of letting your employees telecommute, here’s some data that may make you take another look: of parents who don’t work from home but would like […]

McClatchy Consolidated Copy Desk Could Be Up By Year-End

Ok, so it was announced a year ago, but details about the centralized copy desk that McClatchy is setting up at the Sacramento Bee are finally emerging. A bargaining update […]

The Weirdest Interview Questions Last Year

flickr: rogerimp Everyone knows that some companies are famous for asking weird interview questions–Google, for one. But Google’s not the only guilty party. Glassdoor.com compiled some of the strangest questions […]

FierceMarkets Acquires Retail-Focused Digital Pub

B-to-b digital publisher FierceMarkets has acquired StorefrontBackTalk, Folio: reports, which has resulted in the creation of a new “retail media group” within FierceMarkets. FierceMarkets typically builds, rather than acquires, Folio: […]

Year-End Tips For Freelancers

It’s almost 2013, and since the world hasn’t ended, if you freelance, you’d best consider how to close out the year in the best way possible. Here are a few […]

Star Tribune Begins Contract Negotiations

The newsroom at the Strib in Minneapolis began contract negotiations this week in preparation for their current contract expiring Jan 31, 2013. The union presented its first proposal Wednesday, which […]

Discover Announces New Staff Changes

Earlier this year, Discover magazine, purchased by Kalmbach Publishing, finally announced it was moving to Wisconsin from New York to be based with Kalmbach’s other titles. About 20 edit and […]

Seasonal Jobs To Become Full-time Jobs: How To Make Yours Stick

The Society for Human Resource Management says that nearly 4 in 10 employers plan to transition some of their temporary, seasonal help to full-time jobs. That’s based on a Careerbuilder […]