Perry Krasnove

How Some Cyber-CPR Saved Conan O’Brien

What has a red pompadour, made a Justin Bieber visit hilarious for lovers and haters alike, and is still making us all wonder what the heck Team Coco really is? […]

The Verizon/iPhone Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

The story last week was not the super happy terrific sales of iPhones at Verizon. They were underwhelming. Now comes word that the information pertaining to aforementioned sales was leaked […]

Verizon iPhone Sales: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

I could start this off and make a slew of dropped call jokes but I won’t. I’ll just be blunt: iPhone sales don’t seem to be doin’ to0 great. Even […]

Oprah’s Not Owning “OWN” Thus Far

Many new shows on network TV are given a few weeks to get their sea legs. Other shows are treated differently because so much time and money has been invested […]

Super Bowl XLV Featured XIX Auto Ads

So much Monday morning quarterbacking to do over commercials good and bad but something that wouldn’t have gotten by the Steelers leaky defense was the amount of car commercials during […]

Gawker Redesign: Is Change Good?

Gawker, Deadspin, and Jezebel have gotten overnight makeovers. It can be distracting to fans of these sites. So much time was spent on the conversion that there are fewer stories to dunk […]

Al Jazeera May Be Coming To a TV Near You

Al Jazeera, arguably the most polarizing media outlet of the last 15 years, is pressing to get its play on U.S. television. The international network does get beamed into national […]

Bigga and Deffa: Super Bowl Ads and Super Bowl Surveys

Get your orders in for the “big sandwich,” buy a big TV, and put on your favorite jersey! Ad agencies are blitzing you with commercials for the Super Bowl! Firms […]

The Curious Case of Erin Andrews

Whether it’s her stint on Dancing with the Stars, her commercials for Sony, her peephole stalker, or her ability to provide poignant and colorful information during some of the biggest […]

What’s the Story With Storify?

The stop and go traffic in the social media world can be easy to navigate at times and at other times, seem like a teacup ride after a bad hot […]