Rather on the Kalb Report

Monday’s usually the day that Washingtonians take a breather from happy hours and cocktail parties and, instead, make their way to the gym and the grocery store. So we’ll assume […]

Shadid Live!

The Washington Post’s incomparable (and Pulitzer Prize winning) reporter, Anthony Shadid, speaks at Politics and Prose tonight (to discuss, in part, his recently published book “Night Draws Near: Iraq’s People […]

Daily Dose of Kurtz

We read Howard Kurtz’s chat so you don’t have to. The money shots: Howie on news bias: Howard Kurtz: You can argue whether The Post and other news organizations […]

Bloggers vs. The Note

Although we hesitate to call out our own, we have to admit that watching bloggers start a fight is sort of like watching a kid spit in the wind: it […]

Wantd: Editer who can rite reel good

Remember kids: Spelling counts. From a job posting on Craigslist. We assume they’ll quickly edit their entry, but here’s how it was originally written. Onlie Politics Editor Reply to: […]

MSNBC: Hot…for once.

Washington Whispers has this piece of news that only dorks like us could truly appreciate: Actor Joe Pantoliano (who?) thinks that MSNBC’s got the hottest anchors, singling out Natalie Morales […]

A New Fish In The Bowl

With Fishbowl D.C. guru Garrett M. Graff well underway as editor-at-large of Washingtonian magazine, he’s asked me–Patrick W. Gavin–to join the Fishbowl D.C. team and share blogging responsibilities (and, of […]