Noah Davis

mtvU Gets An “A”

mtvU, the “music” network’s 24-hour channel devoted to empowering beer-fueled co-eds around the country, announced a deal to acquire According to a press release, the deal will give mtvU […]

No One Wants The Trib. Co. | Star On The Move? | Still Scared Of Colbert | Rachel Ray Gets Two (More) Years | Larry King: Still Cranky

Tribune needs bidders. Fast. [LAT] Star to sunny Florida? (And to blame?) [NYP] Rich Little to host White House Correspondents Association dinner. [E&P] Rachel Ray cannot be stopped. [B&] […]

NYT in 90 Seconds

In this edition: David Carr reports on the Golden Globes, where everyone is “a little special.” Hey, that sounds just like our elementary school. Today gains a fourth hour in […]

Jack Bauer Takes Our DVD Collection Hostage

In case you spent the weekend under a rock or captured by Chinese terrorists, Season 6 of 24 kicked off with a two-day, four-hour spectacular. Jack Bauer hopefully shaved, then […]

At Least Somone’s Hiring…

While Time Inc. and others lay off workers faster than Jack Bauer kills terrorists, Doubledown Media president and editorial director Randell Lane, tells Keith Kelly that he’s looking to hire […]

’07: The Ad Carnage Continues?

In today’s Post, Holly M. Sanders tell us that print advertising dollars could be drying up in ’07. TNS Media Intelligence thinks that revenue will rise only 2.6 percent, the […]

Woodruff’s Return

Thirteen months after almost losing his life in Iraq, the AP reports that Bob Woodruff gets what every newsman wants: a prime-time special. Airing on February 27, the show will […]