Seacrest…In? If So, World…Over?

From today’s New York Times piece on Larry King: “When his tenure does eventually end, Mr. King said his first choice to succeed him would be Ryan Seacrest, the ‘American […]

Lo, a Media Baby is Born!

People magazine’s Oliver Jones and his wife, education editor Sarah Whitney, welcomed their first child, Clementine Louise, to the world at 6:20 p.m. on Wednesday. The baby weighed 9 pounds […]

Anne Thompson: Online is the Way to Go

As previously reported , Anne Thompson starts her new job as deputy editor of tomorrow. After two years at The Hollywood Reporter, Thompson is ready to take it all […]

Breaking: Premiere Shuts Down

Hachette Filipachi has shut down Premiere magazine, according to Ad Age. The magazine will continue online. FishbowlLA has learned that the announcement came to the about-20 staffers from company president […]

LA Times Editor to Publish Memoir

Vanity Fair contributor, L.A. Times writer, and co-founder of the defunct-yet-funny L.A. Innuedo Richard Rushfield sends greetings via Blackberry at the Aspen airport, sides still aching from the Comedy Festival, […]

Charlie Rose’s Conflict | Reuters Cuts Travel | TV and Autism? | Target Google | Wenner Takes Blanchard

Charlie Rose: Courting conflict-of-interest charges? [NYT] Reuters: Cutting back on travel and other expenses. [Guardian] Worried your child may develop autism? Maybe you should turn off the TV. [Time] Google: […]

Ted Turner at Reuters: Off the Cuff as Always

CNN founder and philanthropist Ted Turner, while ostensibly moving into his &#233minence grise phase, still occassionally pulls the spotlight in his direction to talk up the United Nations and the […]

NYPress Uncovers Disturbing Underground Monogamy ‘Trend’

Of late, we can barely be bothered to read the ever-thinning New York Press, which has become a shadow of its former self. But it was hard not to pick […]

Atlantic Cover Story On Al-Zarqawi Just a Little Late

Highlighting the occassional pitfalls of being a monthly political magazine during a 24-hour news cycle, the July/August issue of the Atlantic was delivered to readers over the past weekend with […]

Times To Blog The World Cup

We’re not sure if there is a greater market for this year’s World Cup soccer coverage than in previous years, but it seems that and its affliated international […]