Michael Wolff

The Lion King

This has been my first year at the Cannes Lions festival.

The Devil’s Due

Rupert Murdoch was in London last week for his company's annual summer party, trying, you can bet, to compartmentalize his likely-to-be-successful bid for satellite television company BSkyB—a capstone of a career that has had many capstones—and the ongoing and intensifying investiga

Reading ‘Page One’

My first job, the one I’d always dreamed of, was at The New York Times. But my dream didn’t survive the Times’ 1970s newsroom. Here were row upon row of gray, smoking, middle-aged men, bent, slumped, sweaty, full of dandruff, many with tremors and tics, old before their time. It was a visual wasteland.

The First (and Last) Adman

Among the giants of modern prose must be David Ogilvy.

Missing Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes is the current subject of two major profiles in two liberal-leaning magazines—Rolling Stone and New York. Both profiles are of the shocked-shocked, Fox-is-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it variety.

Power Games

The thing about Internet conferences—of which I have been to many, hundreds perhaps, most recently last week’s eG8 conference in Paris—is that most people there feel bad about themselves, that a club exists to which they can never quite get into, that they are not quite math-y enough, or virtual enough, or social enough, or, ultimately, rich enough.

The Incumbents Battle On

Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of the New York Times, is seated next to Robert Thompson, the editor-in-chief of Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, whose business plan is now all about challenging the Times.

Zuckerberg’s Stage

“Our business is advertising,” said Mark Zuckerberg who, although he was the penultimate speaker at the eG8 conference in a stultifying hot hall, managed to fill the room.

The Clash of Civilizations

Paris. It’s a weird sound when politicians and other civilians say the word “digital.” First they say it often: “It should be a digital market in a digital world.

eG8: The Internet Wars

Paris—The eG8 Internet conference hosted by French President Sarkozy today and tomorrow—a prelude to the G8 conference later this week—and bringing together the cream of Internet money and status isn't really an Internet conference.