Michael Schrage

Media Roundtable: Does the Upfront Have to Change?

For years there’s been talk that the upfront television ad marketplace is an outdated concept. This TV season, that chatter has grown louder and more insistent as the networks try […]

IQ Interactive Special Report – Q&A with Bertelsmann Music Group CEO, Strauss Zelnick

The real threat to music companies isn’t piracy, it’s ignoring the technologies that make it possible. The cynical might describe Bertelsmann Music Group CEO Strauss Zelnick’s glittering rƒsumƒ as a […]


How below-the-line services are threatening the once-mighty TV commercial Sipping cabernet on the beach at the American Association of Advertising Agencies confab in Bermuda, the CEO of a top agency […]

Adweek 2000 Media and Technology: Fork in the Road

Agencies must alter their course if they plan to be competitive in the future marketplace At David Ogilvy’s memorial service last month, one of his former protƒgƒs displayed no trace […]

The IQ Q&A: Steve Riggio

Barnes & Noble is betting that the printed word will be a best seller in cyberspace. Barnes & Noble sued Amazon.com for its claim that it is the world’s largest […]