Michael Applebaum

Team Hormel

Well over a century ago, George A. Hormel was asked to explain what shrewd business strategy was responsible for his company having survived the Panic of 1893. His response: “I […]

Wake Up Call

Buried in the torrent of media coverage of Hurricane Ike, which tore a $10 billion trench of destruction through Texas on Sept. 13, was the following tidbit: In the days […]

Mike Minasi and James White, Safeway

When consumers like Deb Poe speak, marketers listen. Last month, the well-heeled mother of three was shopping at a Dominick’s supermarket in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Ill. when […]

Special Report: In Mid-Stream

NEW YORK As online video ads become ubiquitous, interactive marketers find themselves reevaluating their strategies, wondering: Do I need to develop content specifically for the Web? Should I go with […]

Beverly J. Lybrand, Merck Vaccines

By now, you’ve probably heard the heated arguments for and against Merck’s introduction last year of Gardasil-the first, and so far only, vaccine that protects women against the human papillomavirus […]

Marketers Try Out New Media With Small But Effective Campaigns

NEW YORK Even highly experienced marketers can be daunted by the current menu of new media options. The glossary of industry terms alone is a hefty course of alphabet soup. […]

A Matter Of Timing

In the past year, many leading marketers stepped up their presence on the Internet. Visa blanketed the Web with rich media ads as a major component of “Life Takes Visa,” […]

Pita Portrays Hartford as ‘Rising Star’

BOSTON Is Hartford the new Baltimore? The state of Connecticut certainly hopes so, investing a total of $2.75 billion in public and private funds for an economic revival project that […]