Megan O'Neill

Familio Launches Private Photo-Sharing App For Families

These days there are so many ways to share your photos and videos—via email, on Facebook, on photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa—but none are truly ideal for sharing photos privately with your family. Familio aims to solve this problem with a new app for Android, iOS and the web that makes it easy to share family photos and videos in a safe, private environment.

From Pigeons to Twitter: The Evolution of Communication [Infographic]

Today communication is easier than it’s ever been before. If we want to get in touch with someone we can pick up the phone, send an email or message on Facebook or send our message in a 140-character tweet. A fun infographic from Mikogo Online Meetings takes a look back in time to when people relied on courier services, pigeons and even drums for communication.

Take A Tour of YouTube Space LA With Google Street View

Last November, YouTube Space Los Angeles officially opened its doors to YouTube creators looking to learn, collaborate and up their game. Now, YouTube Space LA is "virtually" open to everyone on Google Street View.

Friday Morning Laughs – The Pill To Lower Your IQ Permanently

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! As the workweek comes to a close, we’ve rounded up some of this week’s funniest videos. This week’s Friday Morning Laughs includes an infomercial for a new pill that will lower your IQ permanently, lemons, Carlsberg, Super Mario, a screaming flower girl and more. Enjoy!

Glide Raises At Least $1 Million For Instant Video Messaging App [Update]

Backed by seven figures in funding, today Glide announced a new instant video messaging app that allows you to enjoy video messaging in real time, or on your own schedule.

YouTube Search On Google Trends Proves Gangnam Style Really Is Dying

Psy? Who’s that? Almost as quickly as the K-Pop star rose to fame, it seems that the world has forgotten all about Psy and his massive YouTube hit, Gangnam Style. Although the video currently stands at almost 1.5 billion views on YouTube, the song is no longer heard on the radio, at parties, or in parodies and new YouTube integration in Google Trends reveals that Gangnam Style really is dying. That's news that certainly doesn’t call for an "Oppa!"

YouTube Now Boasts 1 Billion Monthly Users

Over the past eight years, YouTube has grown at an astounding rate, localized in 53 countries and across 61 languages with over 72 hours of video uploaded every minute. But this evening, the online video giant announced that it has hit its biggest milestone yet—one billion monthly users.

Inside The Creative Agency Behind TNT’s ‘Dramatic Surprise’

In April of last year, TNT’s ‘Dramatic Surprise’ became the second most-shared viral ad of all time, following VW’s ‘The Force’. I had the opportunity to speak with Kris Hoet, Head of Digital at Duval Guillaume Modem, the Belgian creative agency behind the campaign, to find out more about the company, their successful campaigns, and working with brands to create viral success stories.

What Does Your Instagram Filter Say About You? [Infographic]

What is your Instagram filter of choice? It is Earlybird, with its 70s-style charm? Hefe, with its vibrant colors? Valencia, with its faded appeal? Before you decide on a favorite, you may want to take a look at this fun infographic from Marketo and Column Five that will basically make you feel like a douche no matter which Instagram filter you choose.

Why Facebook Needs An ‘I Don’t Care’ Button [Infographic]

When browsing through your Facebook newsfeed, how often do you come across friends’ posts that you just don’t care about? Who cares what your cousin ate for lunch, or that your neighbor hasn’t done his laundry in three weeks? That’s why, according to, we are in dire need of an “I don’t care” button on Facebook.