Matt McKinley

Mom’s Facebook Posts Offer Clues About Kids' Murders

Homicide detectives do not know why Rebekah Sanders killed her two children, but her Facebook page offers plenty of clues.

EDealya Boasts High Conversion Rates On Facebook

An Internet startup called eDealya claims it can help brands achieve clickthrough rates of 23 percent and seven percent conversion rates.

College Coaches Take To Facebook For Recruiting

Coaches use Facebook for half of their recruiting interactions.

How To Use Facebook For Fantasy Football

Here's how to use Facebook to start a fantasy football league and win the game.

NY Police Dept. Creates Facebook Watch Unit

The New York City Police Department has organized a new unit to track those who brag about their crimes on Facebook.

Facebook Seattle Office Turns 1 And Gets Another Floor

The Facebook office in downtown Seattle is adding a second floor on its one-year anniversary with room for about 30 more engineers.

10 Facebook Pages Every Basketball Fan Should Follow

Even though the National Basketball Association is in the midst of a lockout over a labor dispute, there are still plenty of Facebook pages basketball fans can follow to stay up to date on their favorite teams and players.

ESPN Facebook Game Gets 350,000 Players In 2 Weeks

The ESPN Sports Bar and Grill application already has more than 350,000 players after launching two weeks ago on Facebook.

5 Ways To Buy And Sell Music Directly On Facebook

Here are five ways to buy and sell music directly on Facebook.

Northwestern Polls Facebook Fans For New Court Design

Northwestern University is polling Facebook fans on four designs for its new basketball court, which could become mostly purple.