Mark Wnek

The New Age of Wisdom

Data rock. They’re the floorboards I walk on, the headlights that guide me in the dark, the fishing guides who tell me which fish are where, when and what they […]

The In and Out of Yes and No

Pitching. You love it, you hate it. Depending on whether you win or lose. We just lost one where we left every single thing we had — every nerve, every […]

Letting Go of the Credit

As I get older I realize I’ve spent my entire career surrounded by A-type personalities, alpha people. In my early days at Ogilvy and Lowe, before political correctness ruled, getting […]

Necessary but Not Sufficient

Data; don’t you just love it? Call me Mr. Logic, but as a creator of communications and business ideas, data — and by data I mean anything and everything numerical, […]

There Are No Rock Stars Here

My wife made me tidy up my stuff the other day and I came across napkin notes I made at the recent 4A’s conference at Laguna Niguel in California. Here’s […]

In Praise of Modern Complexity

I bow to no man or woman in my unbridled admiration of all communications emanating from the Geico brand. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the […]

Bad-Writing Syndrome Goes Viral

By a pool at a Florida hotel recently I saw this guy, seven kids, trophy wife, three nannies, 10 pool boys with 50 towels in tow, 60 years old or […]

Collective Conscience

The hot trend for 2007 is something I’ve heard called the “democratization of creativity.” On close examination, this seems to come down to ordinary people posting extraordinary stuff on YouTube […]

A Panoramic View

My stepfather, John Sadovy, was the only major photojournalist who infiltrated Hungary during the days of the revolution in 1956, getting past the border guards by disguising himself as an […]