Mark Dolliver

Hitting the Holiday Road

Lucky for the travel industry that families are dispersed to various locales. An American Express poll finds 39 percent of respondents planning to travel during the holiday season, with nearly […]

Shunning ‘Black Friday’

Given all the hype about Black Friday, you’d think the day after Thanksgiving would be the perfect time for a burglar to break into people’s homes — the assumption being […]

So, Maybe Money Can Buy Happiness

In our sort-of-egalitarian society, phrases like “poor but happy” and “poor little rich kid” are treasured clichés, helping the non-rich believe they’re as content as their wealthier compatriots. But Gallup-Healthways […]

I’ll Take That Broadband Access ‘to Go’

The broadband trend is converging with the mobile trend, yielding rapid proliferation of mobile broadband connections among American consumers. A new report from TNS says 25 percent of households already […]

Teen Girls as Avid Shoppers

Don’t blame teenage girls for the sluggishness of consumer spending. In a survey just released by Varsity Brands (which sells cheerleading apparel) and Ketchum Global Research Network, girls age 13-18 […]

Not So Impatient to Buy Big-Ticket Items

As consumers continue pinching pennies, marketers have likely adopted the phrase “pent-up demand” as a wishful mantra. But are people really waiting eagerly to make big purchases they’ve been postponing […]

Execs Say Holiday Parties Are Worth It

The party line in advertising and marketing circles is that holiday parties are a good thing. Anyhow, 52 percent of ad/marketing executives surveyed by The Creative Group said they think […]

Healthy Eating Is a Hard Sell

Few virtuous intentions are more broadly held than the wish to adopt a healthier diet. Alas, a glance at the nation’s waistlines tells us that many consumers fail to carry […]

Stewart or Colbert in the White House?

Having hosted a high-profile rally in the nation’s capital, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have naturally become the subjects of a presidential-preference poll. Conducted by The Washington Post and ABC […]

Maybe 18-29-Year-Olds Aren’t So ‘Multiculti’ After All

Popular wisdom says that young adults, having come of age in a multicultural era, are (unlike their elders) open to all sorts of ethnicities and customs. A survey of 18-29-year-olds […]