Lori Senecal

Organizations Need to Adopt an Invention-First Mind-set

In search of exponential returns for their customers, employees and shareholders, today’s most revolutionary companies aren’t innovative, they are inventive. They are the businesses committed to creating genuine firsts by taking invention beyond product development and carrying this mind-set through their entire organizations. 

What to Look for in the Next Generation of Talent

A recent study on Gen Y by Visa found that 49 percent of millennials want to bypass traditional companies in favor of startups. It seems a culture of invention is appealing to our next generation of great talent.

Voice: Maker’s Mark

We often start most of our casual conversations with a seemingly simple question: “Hey, what’s up?” Lately, however, I’ve come to hear that question as the fuel of inspiration behind an important strategic shift now under way in our business that is driving us beyond innovation and improvement, and toward discovery and invention.

The ‘Verbing’ of Brands

Given the intense economic pressures that are challenging the ROI of every marketing decision, changing consumer perceptions of a brand is good, but changing consumer behavior is better. I like […]