Leo Sark

Intel’s AppUp – Is It Too Late to Succeed?

At the recent AppUp event in San Francisco I had a chance to checkout the Intel AppUp store at their booth. Most of you probably have never heard of AppUp, […]

Mobage Launches in Japan on iOS & Android, API Coming June 15

The mobile social gaming network Mobage, the offspring of DeNA and ngmoco, has finally launched in Japan on April 26 on iOS and Android. Mobage has 20 million users from […]

4 Secrets To Hiring A Facebook Developer Who Will Succeed

So you have an idea for a promising Facebook game, or an application? One of the most critical business decisions you will have to make is which development partner you should hire. Here is a list of key elements you'll need to take in account during your development partner selection process to help you minimize risk and position your application for success;

Will MapleStory on Facebook Succeed Where Dragon Hunter Failed?

Nexon, the Korean gaming giant, has just announced that it’s entering the mobile and social gaming markets by bringing two of its most popular titles onto Facebook and iOS. KartRider […]

GDC: How Will Unity 3D Propel Hardcore Games Onto Facebook?

Many of us have been wondering how long it would be before more hardcore games appeared on Facebook. At both the Flash Gaming Summit and the Game Developers Conference I had a very interesting conversations with the Unity platform developers who showed me some new games and shared a few stats regarding the Unity 3D engine and its emergence on Facebook.

Ravenwood Fair Creators Explain Facebook Game Monetization: No Sharing, No Buying

Social Times recently attended the “SF Game Developers Workshop: A Post Mortem of Ravenwood Fair” hosted by Yetizen. The featured speakers included John Romero and Brenda Brathwaite, seasoned gaming industry […]

The Top 4 Facebook Gaming Companies – How Much Are They Making?

It is no secret that the social gaming companies on Facebook have undergone explosive growth in the past several years. As with any rapidly expanding industry, several market leaders have emerged. How much can we estimate they're earning?