Laurel Touby

Remember The Dating Game? Watch Our Version: The Startup Game

While the employment scene remains moribund, startup mania is taking hold across the country. Everywhere you turn, someone’s designing an app, starting a web site, a platform, a portal or […]

Michael Yavonditte, CEO of Hashable, reveals his Biggest Mistake, Entrepreneurial Idols, Business Models and Exit Strategies

In part III of our interview with Hashable founder and CEO Michael Yavonditte, the startup impresario talks about his entrepreneurial idols, what his biggest mistake has been so far and […]

Michael Yavonditte, CEO of Hashable, talks about Issuing Stock, Marketing and Developing the Product

I interviewed the fabulous Michael Yavonditte about starting, a relationship tracking tool that relies on social tagging. In part II of our interview, (here’s Part I), Yavonditte goes deep […]

The mbStartups Interview:'s Michael Yavonditte

Michael Yavonditte went from being a sales and business development impresario at USA Networks, Alta Vista, Juno and Ziff-Davis before developing his first startup: Quigo which he later sold for […]