Kimberlee Morrison

Facebook’s Trending Topics Are Not So Useful or Popular (Report)

Unfortunately, Facebook’s Trending topics seem to be teetering between incendiary and irrelevant.

Four Ways to Maximize Your Brand Presence on Instagram (Report)

It’s no longer as simple as posting video content to YouTube and links to Twitter—marketing on diverse channels requires platform-specific content, tailored to the target audience.

Fake News Undermines the Credibility of Popular Social Networks

In order to maintain credibility and ad partnerships, social networks may have to resort to editorial review by humans, rather than depending on algorithms.

Marketers Are Investing Heavily in Programmatic Advertising (Report)

With improved targeting and proven return on investment, programmatic is becoming the automation tool of choice for social and digital media marketers.

Social Presence Goes Beyond the Screen

Online consumer conversations boost conversions and brand loyalty offline.

Report: Every Generation is the Facebook Generation

Gen X and Baby Boomers use Facebook more than Millennials, but everyone uses Facebook more than any other social network.

Chat Bots Are Winning Over Social Media Users (Report)

Chat bots create personalized and real-time experiences, but the human experience leaves room for improvement.

Brands Are Experimenting With Snapchat (Report)

According to a report by Spaplytics, Snapchat is the only social network that experienced no decline in engagement.

Is Snapchat Just a Fad? (Infographic)

More than one-half of surveyed adult Snapchat users aged 18 through 24 said they expect to move on to something new within the next 10 years.

Sponsored Instagram Posts Average $300 Each. Here’s a Look at Who Makes More (or Less)

Modeling, fitness and photography accounts are among the highest paid per sponsored post on Instagram.