Kimberlee Morrison

Mark Zuckerberg: A Manifesto for Creating a More Connected World

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg declares internet access the foundation of the global knowledge economy and outlines a plan for connecting five-billion more people online.

Social Media Behind a Trend Toward a Happier News?

There are only a few ways to determine how newsworthy a story is and on the very bottom of the totem pole is the positive human interest story.

Skype Celebrates 10 Years

Happy anniversary Skype -- and many more.

Is the Venture Capital Love Affair With Social Media Over?

After years of investing in the novelty of social media, VCs have likely grown tired of hoping their investments will pay off

Prolonged Exposure to Facebook Makes You Hate Your Life, Study Finds

Facebook is like a happy family album, with people posting positive updates and inspirational affirmations. But is all this happiness making us unhappy?

Yelp Warns Consumers When Businesses Pay for Fake Reviews

New consumer alert system warns users when there's evidence a company might be paying for positive reviews.

Four Surprising Ways Employers Are Using Big Data on LinkedIn

Unlike Google and Facebook, which use our data to serve up product ads, LinkedIn uses the data to provide real value to both job seekers and recruiters. However, just like many social networks, the users are the product and the value comes out of the information we volunteer.

Social Networks and the Social Contract of Free Speech

Perhaps it’s time to find a middle ground between inciting a witch hunt that affects an ongoing investigation and allowing anonymous trolls free reign to abuse others on social networks.

Who’s the Most Interesting Troll on the Internet?

YouTube troll ronnyjohnson618 is an expert on everything.