Katie Kindelan

iPhone Users Not the Only Ones Having Their Location Tracked

Android users still patting themselves on the back for sticking with their brand and not falling for the iPhone can stop now. It turns out their every move is being tracked too, and likely for the same reasons.

U.S. Army Recruits Android, and App Developers Too

Android: drop and give us 20. The U.S. Army wants YOU to build its first smartphone.

Are You Okay With a Cop Scanning Your Phone During a Traffic Stop?

20th century debate: Do cops have the right to search your car, or your body, when they pull you over?21st century debate: Do cops have the right to scan your iPhone or Android when they pull you over?

Privacy Alert: Your iPhone Knows Where You Go, and Tracks it Too

The operating software on your iPad and iPhone contains a hidden feature that tracks your every move and logs it into a file that can be synced and stored on your PC or Mac and made available to anyone with access. How worried are you?

Can Sarah Palin Get Her Political Groove Back Through Social Media?

Facebook, Twitter and a re-launched website. Those are the tools Sarah Palin is relying on to get her name back in the 2012 presidential headlines. Which begs the question: can a political candidate regain her political mojo through social media alone?

What Makes Mark Zuckerberg Nervous?

Not the Winklevoss twins, Google or even Paul Ceglia, just the President of the United States."I’m kind of nervous," Facebook’s 26-year-old co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckeberg said to an audience that included rapper MC Hammer, Calif. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "We have the president of the United States here."

Why Is Yahoo Now Keeping Your Search Data for 18 Months?

Yahoo!, they’re watching you! Two years after the search engine broke from the rest of the industry by announcing it would hold users’ Internet search data for just 90 days, the company is backpedaling. Yahoo! will now keep tabs on your browser’s tabs for six times as long as they used to, but why?

White House Opens its Virtual Doors to Android Users Too

The White House doors are now open to all smartphone users across the country - Democrats or Republicans, iPhone devotees or Android fans. If only the politicians in Washington could get along so well.

So This Politician Posted His House on Facebook…

If the headline reads like the set-up of a joke too good to be true, it's not. It's just the latest example of politics in social media or, rather, what happens when a politician goes wild on social media.

Can Debt Ridden Social Media Users Now Breathe Easy?

If you heard a collective sigh of relief on Facebook today, it was probably the big spenders on your ‘Friends’ list just reading the news of a ground-breaking ruling in Florida that means debt collectors will have to go back to collecting their money the old-fashioned way, off of social media.