Kate Evans

Why Facebook's Changes So Far Have Nothing On F8

All eyes are on Facebook today as the company holds its annual developer conference f8 on the heels of a massive site upgrade that has users upset. We talked about these developments with Laura O'Shaughnessy, chief executive officer of the Washington Post Company's Social Code.

STUDY: Women Click More Facebook Ads Than Men

Women age 50 and older are the likeliest to click on Facebook advertisements.

How To Use Facebook At Work Without Being Caught

With employers cracking down on Facebook use in the workplace, employees must be sneaky to keep up with friends while keeping a job. These tips will help hide your Facebook activities from your boss and coworkers.

Facebook Offers Grants For Anti-Bullying Research

Educational institutions and non-profit organizations can apply for research grants from Facebook on the topic of bullying prevention. The deadline is next month and funds will be awarded in October.

STUDY: GOP Facebook Ads Highly Influential For 2012

Social Code has released a first-of-its-kind Facebook advertisement-based study of New Hampshire and Iowa voter reactions to 2012 GOP presidential candidates and popular Republican messages.

Free Facebook Stores Launch By Bijness.in From India

Bijness.in offers free stores for Facebook pages, using the affiliate marketing model, and 24 storefronts have already gone live since the service launched five days ago.

Indie Filmmakers Earn Money Via Fandor And Facebook

Using Fandor, independent film lovers can share clips from their favorite movies with Facebook friends, which in turn earns money for filmmakers.

Fake Facebook Profiles Impersonate 7-Year Old

A South Carolina mother found her seven-year old daughter's photos on a stranger's Facebook profile.

Ontario Teachers Asked To Decline Students' Facebook Adds

Ontario's public teachers must maintain professional distance from their students, which includes declining Facebook friend requests.

How To Use Facebook's Like Plugin On Your Website

Here's a few pointers on how to add Facebook's like plugin to your website.