John Follis

Shiny Metal Objects

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again when hearts go aflutter with visions of shiny metal objects. I’m speaking, of course, of awards season. There are at least 39 […]

Second Thoughts on Second Life

When I first stepped into Second Life, I felt like Dorothy stepping out of her crashed house into Oz. I was blown away. The graphics, the architecture, the wild and […]

Art & Commerce: Do We Have G Cred?

In this hype-happy, what-to-believe world, it comes down to a very basic, fundamental thing: credibility. How does one get it? How does one convincingly communicate it? And is there a […]

Running On Empty

Warning: This column may cause discomfort, queasiness, irritability, sweaty palms and aggressive behavior. The subject? Your agency Web site—is it exciting anyone?OK, I’m guessing half of you just turned the […]

Survivor: Mad Ave.

Like millions of others with nothing better to do on Thursday nights, I’ve munched on snack food while watching half-naked fortune seekers munch dried grasshoppers. I’ve scratched my belly as […]

Selling God

Imagine advertising a product that 1) does everything; 2) costs nothing; 3) is available 24/7; and 4) comes with a lifetime warranty.Yeah, right. Well, listen to this. Three years ago, […]

Art & Commerce: The Truth Hurts

Or, the word fudge wasn’t invented by ice-cream makers I love advertising. Unfortunately, though–and this may come as a shock–it doesn’t always tell the truth. Take Grape Nuts cereal, for […]