Jill Brooke

FOURTH ESTATE: Too Close For Comfort

At lunch tables from New York’s Royalton to Remi, magazine editors were stunned. While most acknowledge that the wall between advertising and editorial is crumbling, the debate raged whether Vogue’s […]

Fourth Estate: Star Struck

Nowadays the financial fate of the networks is determined by the stars. Not the celestial kind–the Hollywood kind. NBC, for example, has to pay newly minted Oscar-winner Helen Hunt $1 […]

Fourth Estate: Counterpunch

It has become a ritual. on tuesday nights, in suburban homes from Delaware to Des Moines, in city apartments from Seattle to New York, eager viewers cluster around the TV […]

Fourth Estate: Can We Talk?

“We are a Jerry Springer world,” declared Bill Maher in a skit for his ABC late-night show, Politically Incorrect. Spoofing President Clinton’s sex scandal with 24-year-old Monica Lewinsky, Maher hired […]

Fourth Estate: Girl Power

Conventional wisdom held that the film version of the titanic would sink as surely as its namesake. It cost $200 million to make and another $50 million to market. It […]

Fourth Estate: Faith, Hope And Clarity

Touched by an angel could use some heavenly intervention. Sure, the series has been blessed with ratings and critical acclaim, but the devil-may-care attitude of advertisers toward the Sunday night […]

Fourth Estate: Radio Days

When tv’s Rosie O’Donnell held up a chocolate-covered Ring Ding, smacked her lips and declared her love for the lunch-box snack, a publicist sighed and said to me, “You can’t […]

Fourth Estate: Judgment Day

Ad buyers’ verdicts can mean life or death for a TV show Quick, call Oliver Stone. A conspiracy seems to be taking place involving the fall TV season. The grand […]