Jessica Roy

Google Calls It Quits On News Archive Project

Google announced in an e-mail to publishers today that it’s hitting the brakes on its News Archive project, an extension of Google News that digitally scans and archives print papers. The […]

3 Twitter Chats To Connect With Fellow Journalists

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you may notice that at certain points during the week your feed becomes peppered with mysterious journalism-related hashtags posted by your fellow media peers. […]

3 Simple Tools To Help Analyze Your Twitter Performance

It’s hard out there for an informed Twitter user: unless you pay for a Promoted Tweet or Promoted Account campaign, Twitter does not yet offer internal statistics to track your account’s […]

5 of the Best Osama Bin Laden Explainers

When the news broke late Sunday night that Osama bin Laden, 9/11 mastermind and the most despised face of America’s War on Terror, had been killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan, newspapers […]

3 Tips For Using Insights To Improve Your News Organization’s Facebook Page

If your organization doesn’t have the budget for a robust stats platforms, Facebook provides an internal tool that allows you to easily measure and track the performance of your brand […]

The 5 Best iPad Apps For Consuming The News That’s Important To You

With the recent release of the iPad 2, the Apple App Store is swarming with new and updated apps tailored for interactive news consumption. Some of the most compelling news […]

Use Submishmash to Streamline the Article Submission Process

Whether you’re a small community news organization or a prolific online publisher with a network of seasoned freelancers, it can be endlessly frustrating  to track and process contributors’ work simply […]

New “Journalists on Facebook” Page Aims to Help Journalists Use Facebook as a Reporting Tool

On Tuesday, in a note published to the newly minted “Journalists on Facebook” Page, Facebook announced a new venture targeting journalists interested in learning how to best use Facebook as […]

Get Your Social Presence in Shape at Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

This summer, mediabistro, SocialTimes and AllFacebook are hosting an online conference and workshop geared towards helping organizations and individuals alike optimize their social strategies. Social Media Marketing Bootcamp is an eight-week […]

5 Innovative Journalism School Partnerships

J-School students aren’t just attending lectures and writing for the school paper anymore: some students enrolled in innovative programs at institutions like NYU and The University of Texas at Austin […]