Jessica Roy

Fake NYT Email Address Spams Users About Home Delivery

Around 1:30pm EST, I received an email from the address “” regarding a recent cancellation of home delivery. I thought it was strange, since I’m not a home delivery subscriber, […]

What Do People Look At Most On A Facebook Brand Page?

In conjunction with EyeTrackShop, Mashable released a study today documenting what elements of a Facebook brand page users tend to look at most. Information like this is key to building […]

Flipboard Launches Long-Anticipated iPhone App

Flipboard, the social magazine iPad app that organizes sectionalized content (like “News,” “Technology” and “Food”) and social network updates into a sleek, unified interface, launched its highly anticipated iPhone app […]

Facebook Releases The 40 Most Shared Articles Of 2011

Yesterday Facebook released a list of the 40 most shared articles so far in 2011. The full list runs the gamut from investigative and international stories to viral videos, but […]

How The Stop Online Piracy Act Could Impact Journalists

Unless you’re wholly entrenched in the daily goings on of Internet and copyright law, SOPA might be one of those things you hadn’t even heard of until this morning, when […]

“We Are Journalists” Tumblr Recalls The Romanticism of Reporting

There are only 12 entries so far, but the posts on the new Tumblr We Are Journalists are moving enough to pack a stiff punch. Hovering somewhere between endearingly earnest […]

Wired Experiments With Conversational Media Advertising

Taking a cue from media properties like The Awl and Gawker, Wired has taken its first official foray into conversational media advertising with Cloudline, a blog sponsored by IBM. If […]

Apple Newsstand Already Increasing Sales For Digital Publishers

Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 5, was released just last week, but digital publishers are already seeing a dramatic uptick in sales. This increase is thanks to Apple Newsstand, a […]

Three New iPad Apps For The Media Enthusiast

Several companies unveiled new iPad apps this week, much to the delight of iPad-toting journalism geeks everywhere. Here are three new apps for e-reading enthusiasts to try out. 1. Facebook […]

What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Metrics

Facebook has been on a roll lately, unleashing several noteworthy changes to its platform that impact everything from profile layout to page management. This week, they announced some dramatic updates to […]