Jennifer Moire

Yahoo! and Facebook CEOs Break Silence Over NSA Leaks

CEO's from Yahoo! and Facebook speak out regarding the U.S. government spying program known as PRISM -- and they don't mince words.

Is Social Media the Wrong Place for 9/11 Tributes?

Is the social web the wrong platform for remembering 9/11? This year, a number of major brands tried and failed at striking the right tone.

Twitter Measures Global Reaction to President’s Speech on Syria

Twitter measures the world's reaction to President Obama's prime time speech on Syria.

Google, Facebook, Yahoo! Take Transparency Fight to Federal Court

Google, Facebook and Yahoo! are fighting back against the U.S government today with separate motions filed with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, in a bid to share more information about what and how much private information is shared with officials.

Why Reddit Co-Founder’s Book Tour Could Aid A Future Political Run

Could Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian's U.S. bus tour for his new book, Without Their Permission, also lay the groundwork for a later run at political office?

Storyful Prepares for Coverage of Likely U.S. Attack on Syria

YouTube is full of videos from the world's hotspots, from Syria to Oklahoma tornadoes. But have you ever wondered whether what you're seeing is real? Enter Storyful, the journalistic arm of the social web. The organization calls themselves the world's first "social news agency." And, with a likely strike by the U.S. against Syria pending, the firm is preparing for a flood of coverage across social media.

5 Ways Social Media Spread Word of Syrian Chemical Attack

As the Obama Administration weighs how and when to take action against a Syrian regime that reportedly used chemical weapons against its own people, YouTube, Twitter and even Reddit have played a key role in both breaking the news and keeping the world informed.

Tech Companies Paid Millions by U.S. to Cover Surveillance Costs

New documents from Edward Snowden's cache reveals that the U.S. government paid tech companies, such as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and Microsoft, millions of dollars to keep their operations compliant in the wake of a federal court ruling.

Ben Affleck as Batman? Social Media Gives A Thumbs Down

"Holy social media fail, Batman!" That might be what the casting directors at Warner Brothers studios are wondering after they announced that Ben Affleck will follow in the footsteps of George Clooney and Christian Bale in playing the caped crusader.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Lawsuit Leads NSA to Declassify Docs

In a day of fast moving news regarding the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program,a new wire report reveals that a lawsuit brought by the privacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation forced the U.S. to declassify some of the documents related to the spying program. The NSA declassified three secret court opinions showing how it collected as many as 56,000 emails and other communications by Americans with no ties to terrorism annually over three years, according to the Associated Press. A secret court assigned to monitor surveillance activities struck down the activities in 2011.