Jay Hawkinson

Improve Your Location Marketing Game With Customer Reviews

Opinion: Consumers trust brands less and trust each other more.

Swarm Emerges as a Serious Social Search Tool

Opinion: Any business that operates brick-and-mortar locations should pay very close attention.

Will Snapchat Successfully Follow in Foursquare’s Footsteps?

Opinion: Sometimes the social app everyone thought you were needs to become something different for your business to evolve. Foursquare is a case in point.

Dark Horse No More: Three Reasons Why Pinterest Is Killing It

Opinion: Snapchat is getting all of the PR, and Facebook is too big for anyone to ignore. But while investors and digital digerati watch every move of the social media front-runners, Pinterest just keeps growing and growing.

What does Facebook’s News Feed redesign mean for business pages?

Facebook is in the process of rolling out, very gradually it seems, a redesigned News Feed for the popular social site, which several members of our team have recently gained access to. […]

Facebook plans video ads rollout amid substantial ad type reduction

Facebook recently announced a significant reduction in the number of ads available to social advertisers, yet amid this reduction they’re still planning to rollout new in-News Feed video ads, potentially […]