Janday Wilson

So What Do You Do, Poppy MacDonald, President and Publisher of National Journal?

The National Journal executive tells us how she "stumbled into media" and what it takes to excel in publishing

So What Do You Do, Lea Ann Leming, Chief Content Officer for SheKnows Media?

Lea Ann Leming revisits her early career and discusses SheKnows' steady achievements

So What Do You Do, Noah Rosenberg, Founder, CEO and EIC of Narratively?

If there’s anything you should get from Noah Rosenberg’s story, it’s that you should probably keep a notebook next to your bed — the brilliant thought that strikes you just before shut-eye […]

So What Do You Do, Alle Fister, Principal at Bollare and Founding Member of Shopbop?

If the way Alle Fister snagged her career-launching job right out of school is any indication — by boldly pitching her skills through… wait for it… Shopbop’s customer comments section […]

So What Do You Do, Reggie Ossé, Host of The Combat Jack Show?

Reggie Ossé (more commonly known as Combat Jack) has a devotion to and passion for his craft that is undeniable. And it’s likely why his weekly hip-hop culture podcast The […]

So What Do You Do, Aneesh Raman, Senior Editor and Head of PR and Marketing at OZY?

Aneesh Raman’s resume reads like a choose-your-own-adventure tale. He trekked the globe as an international correspondent for CNN and had noteworthy experiences covering such events as the deadly 2004 tsunami […]

So What Do You Do, Christian Baesler, VP of New Media at Bauer Media Group?

From 2013 to 2014, Bauer Media Group’s digital properties in the United States have experienced explosive growth. The company reports that InTouchWeekly.com‘s unique monthly visitors grew organically by 745 percent, […]