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Top 5 casino-themed Facebook games by popularity, with analysis

While not the largest genre on Facebook, casino games are in the spotlight at the start of 2012 as more companies enter the genre with standalone slots or card games […]

Inside Tetris Battle, Facebook’s top multiplayer arcade game

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2011’s Social Game-Related Mergers & Acquisitions: Inside Social Games and AppData’s Performance Review

In 2011, Inside Social Games tracked nearly 20 mergers and acquisitions involving Facebook game developers and publishers, with total disclosed purchase prices in excess of $1.7 billion dollars. Here are […]

2011’s Most Popular Facebook Games by Genre: Arcade, Casino, Hidden Object, Strategy

2011 saw a growing diversity in social games with new genre and gameplay types emerging on Facebook, such as hidden object games, racing games, and strategy combat titles with real […]

Inside Social Games’ Top Ten 2011 Facebook Games by Popularity

As 2011 winds down, we’ve compiled this year’s Facebook games reviewed by Inside Social Games and measured their performance on AppData, our data tracking service. Below are 2011’s top ten […]

How January 2011’s Top 10 Facebook Games Are Doing in December 2011

Here’s a look at where AppData‘s top 10 games of January 2011 are now in December 2011, as the calendar year draws to a close. A year is typically the […]

How Sequels & Expansions to Popular Facebook Games Compare to Their Predecessors

This year, as many of the most popular Facebook games reached a mature stage in their development cycle, the social network saw the launch of more sequels and expansions than […]

Facebook’s Top Farming Games By Traffic

While farming games no longer dominate the Facebook gaming platform as they once did in previous years, they still retain a very large userbase. Join us for a look at […]

Facebook’s Top 5 Player vs. Player Strategy Games by Traffic, With Gameplay Analysis

“Strategy & Combat” is a new sub-category leaderboard on AppData, tracking the most popular Facebook games from multiple genres which emphasize physical fighting. Here, we analyze the top five games […]

Facebook’s Top 5 Games by DAU as a Percentage of MAU

When judging which Facebook games are the most successful, many people look at total monthly active users or daily active users. While both metrics are important, daily active users as […]