The Super Bowl Is Boring, Which Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

It’s not just social media that is distracting Super Bowl viewers. Data taken from in-game activity has shown increased activity on sports apps such as NFL Mobile and NBC Sports and more website visits to Super Bowl advertisers.

When to Ban Social Media Trolls and Prevent Harassment

What should you do if you or your brand account on Twitter, Facebook or another social media platform faces targeted harassment?

Live Broadcasting Took Over China, But Will It Survive in the U.S.?

It’s a truism in technology that often if you want a gut check on the viability of an emerging technology, you should look to China.

How Organic Advertising Made Disney World a Holiday Destination

This is the heart of organic advertising. It all starts with creating profound experiences. When the core product--Disney World, in this case--connects with people on such a significant level, everything else is free to unfold.

How to Become a Social Media Marketing Superstar

Social media seems like an easy and appealing career, right? You usually work from home, and all you have to do is be yourself.

Age, Gender Targeting Are Broken; Publishers’ First-Party Data Can Fix Them

First-party data is far more accurate than third-party data, but we do need more participants in these marketplaces to improve the accessibility and availability of segments.

Facebook’s Algorithm Invites Marketers to Step It Up: Here’s Why

Facebook recently threw yet another curveball at marketers, but this time, it’s a challenge worthy of embracing.

Millennial Lead: A New Breed of Video Marketing

The risk in today's video marketing technology is low, the upside is massive and the time is now.

The Rise of Chat Bots and Their Implications for Social Media

As e-commerce consumers become more comfortable interacting with machines online, chat bots will inevitably continue to dominate the online landscape.

What Can You Do With Video?

Can you create video, market video or sell video? If you can do one of those three things—or, even better, more than one of those three things--there is going to be a role for you somewhere, especially within sports media.