Franceen Shaughnessy

2014 trends highlight the importance of a B2B Facebook page

As 2013 comes to a close, PR and marketing pros are getting geared up for 2014, and according to a recently released infographic, social media, in particular Facebook, should be […]

Companies struggling with customer satisfaction on Facebook

Customer service is a key component for success for any business. From phones to Facebook, today’s customer is turning to a variety of communication vehicles to converse with companies, but […]

Facebook’s ad share expected to grow to more than 15 percent

The increasing demand for mobile devices coupled with Facebook’s focus on mobile monetization is resulting in some dramatic gains for the company in the ad market. Facebook is expected to […]

Is your B2B company blocking Facebook? Do this

One in five American employees are unable to access Facebook at work due to technical restrictions put in place by their employer, according to a recent Statista Workplace Survey. Many […]

Don’t shirk from negative comments on your B2B Facebook page

When your business has a Facebook page, it’s inevitable that there will be some negative comments posted. At first these negative posts might sting a bit, but B2B companies should […]

Study: One Facebook like can ignite a current of likes

B2B companies accept the power of word-of-mouth marketing. These companies know the weight that a recommendation from a colleague about their services or products carry. B2B firms know that all […]

3 key investments B2B companies need to make for a successful Facebook page

Earlier this year, investment goliath Goldman Sachs announced a job opportunity for a social media strategist. While the B2B banking and securities firm acknowledged the risks of becoming active on […]

5 reasons why B2B companies should not ignore Facebook

We know that competition is fierce. We know internal resources are still strained. We know that you are continuously working on staying connected with your clients or customers while trying […]