Press Corps, ‘American Idol’ Style

Slate’s John Dickerson has given away the questions he hopes to ask President Bush during his press conference today. Why would Dickerson tip his hand? “I’m revealing them in advance […]

Mommy Power

WaPo’s Leslie Morgan Steiner, the editor of Mommy Wars, has tapped a nerve in the D.C. blogosphere with her daily blog On Balance. When the column hits the Internet each […]

August Sightseeing

The latest issue of the Washingtonian has a chart breaking down the differences between August vacation spots Dewey Beach, Nantucket, the Outer Banks and Rehoboth Beach. Nantucket, says writer Mary […]

Messner to WTWP

On her blog The Debate today, Emily Messner says goodbye to print and hello to the airwaves at Washington Post Radio. She says she’s been burning the candle at both […]

Don’t Judge A Women’s Movement…

…by your television anchor. The Washington Post says in a story from its Sunday paper yesterday that women now dominate TV newsrooms across the country, seemingly implying that this means […]


Inspired by Marc Fisher we played with a new toy, Google Trends. The tool lets you plug in words and discover what cities are interested in that particular search. Here […]

An (Immodest) Proposal

Being a Presidential campaign correspondent in ’08 won’t be quite the same. Democrats are considering adding another caucus state, in between the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary. And […]

Go Fish

An interesting note from WaPo’s Marc Fisher today. Fisher grumbles about the recent changes to D.C. radio: “They silenced our jazz station and turned it into the songs of the […]

Washington Post Radio: NPR On Tranquilizers?

Unlike television, where network executives can detect and cancel a lousy show after only a few episodes (and never make a mistake), radio formats take time to come together and […]

Promoted at CPB

Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s new exec VP and COO is Vincent Current. Most recently senior VP, Radio, Current replaces Ken Ferree who left last October to join a California law […]