ABC Anchor Just Says “No”

A plethora of local TV talent turned out for the ABC 7 Family Health & Caregiver Expo this weekend, to sit on stools, sign some autographs and, of course, talk […]

Gannon, Couric & Blitzer Vie for Audience

Washington Whispers’ Paul Bedard gives us an update on Jeff Gannon’s book progress (summary: not much has changed since the last time Gannon gave an update). The book will discuss […]

Poll of the Day: Reporters Are Like Magicians?

That very well may be the case, because we’re all apparently using sleight of hand tricks in covering politicians these days, according to presidential adviser Karl Rove in a speech […]

Hitchens: An Inspiration

Christopher Hitchens, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, you’re the inspiration for a character in Woody Allen’s new flick “Scoop,” about a cub […]

To Leak or Not To Leak?

WaPo’s Marc Fisher blogs weighs in on comments made by former New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines about lawyers who leak (oh, that doesn’t sound pretty). Seems that Raines […]

Ahrens On The Enron Trial

WaPo’s Frank Ahrens writes for the American Journalism Review that he believes there’s room in the world of journalism for traditionalists, as well as the more recent kids on the […]

Summer Reading

If you’re looking for some “lite” reading, some area pundits and reporters are taking a break from their craft and hitting the book tour trail in town in the coming […]

Amy and Roxy Pick Dana

DC gossip worlds collide. The Reliable Sourcettes fielded a question about the Fishbowl Hot DC Media Type contest during their chat (scroll down) today: Medialand, D.C.: So where’s the smart […]

1, 2, 3, 4! We Don’t Want No Stinkin’ War!

Former Washington Post reporter Betty Medsger takes on Tikkun about the current war coverage in the Middle East in her Poynter online column, An Open Letter to Rabbi Michael Lerner. […]

L.A. Times Profiles Anschutz

Washington Examiner publisher and owner (and historically media shy personality) Philip Anschutz was described as “the Wizard of Oz” in an L.A. Timesspecial report over the weekend. In addition to […]