Evan Tarantino

Here’s Why Brands Need Their Own Web Stores

Inviting someone to a party only to turn them away at the door is bad manners. Spending money to draw consumers to your website and then sending them somewhere else to transact is bad business.

Hey Marketers, Tell Us What Part of Your Job Is Most Confusing

Programmatic TV, live-streaming apps, ad blocking—there's a lot to keep up with these days. That's why we need your help identifying the topics marketers want to understand better. Take this very brief survey and let us know what we should focus on in the year ahead. Thanks! 

What Your Digital Campaign Is Missing, According to Neuroscience

Sure, digital is the fastest growing category in terms of allocated U.S. ad spend, but there's one form of media that smart marketers are still obsessed with: Print.

Gaming Companies Are Ahead of the Digital Marketing Curve

Dedicated gamers are a tough demo to crack, and when it comes to advertising, they have little patience for ads that interrupt their experience. After all, they are there to play—not wait out 30-second ads every 10 minutes.