Eriq Gardner

Rolling Stone Magazine Settles Merchandise Lawsuit

Rolling Stone magazine has escaped legal hot water for slapping famous cover images of musicians on t-shirts, tote bags and other merchandise. In recent years, the media has struggled to […]

Viacom Snags Star Lawyer for YouTube Appeal

EXCLUSIVE: Earlier this year, Viacom suffered a major defeat at the hands of Google when a New York district court judge ruled that YouTube qualified for “safe harbor” from claims […]

‘Twilight’ Studio Sues to Stop Sale of Bella Jacket

We’re sure the studio behind the “Twilight” movies doesn’t want to break the hearts of young girls everywhere. But Summit has decided to stop a retailer from selling a jacket […]

Judge Rules for Don Henley in Ad Flap

A federal judge has tentatively ruled that California senatorial candidate Chuck DeVore violated rocker Don Henley’s copyrights on two songs when he used them as the basis for campaign commercials […]

Ad Agency Files Lawsuit Over Brand Integration

Delaware-based ad agency Denizen is suing media shop Mindshare for allegedly stealing an idea to integrate a brand of Vaseline into a Lifetime miniseries called Maneater. In the complaint, Denizen […]

Glenn Beck Satire Site Fights Back

NEW YORK An individual named Isaac Eiland-Hall is sticking up for his right to run a Web site called Fox News host and recent Time magazine cover boy Glenn […]