Erin Griffith

Managing the ‘Sharepocalypse’

Call it information overload, drinking from a firehose or “sharepocalypse.”

Facebook’s Virtual Dinner Party

On Facebook you can do it all: share, game, shop, listen, chat, stalk, and poke. Until now, however, you couldn't eat.

Clear Channel, Cumulus Partnership Aims Crosshairs at Pandora, Groupon

Clear Channel's three-year-old digital streaming service, iHeartRadio, will now stream content from 570 terrestrial radio stations owned by competitor Cumulus Media, the companies announced today.

Hot List: Digital

Social Media Site Facebook

Spotify to Become More Content Rich With App Layer

Spotify will open its API to third-party app developers, adding a layer of content to its music-streaming service, the company announced today. The move comes in response, in part, to criticism that Spotify doesn’t provide enough curation and guidance to users compared with digital-steaming competitors like Pandora, MOG, or

Can Social Shopping Finally Take Off?

Analog shopping is inherently social. There’s the flea market stroll, the girls’ outing, and the time-honored encounter with a mall Santa. But e-commerce, a category that’s expected to reach $200 billion this year, has yet to reap full benefits of the social networking revolution.

Executive of the Year: Lisa Donohue

If the future of the media business is not just numbers, but ideas, then Starcom USA CEO Lisa Donohue is the industry's new authority.

ShareThis Shares Sharing Data

It’s safe to say few in digital advertising believe in the click as a strong gauge of effectiveness, be it advertising or content. Yet attempts to replace it—engagement, influence, impressions, mouse-overs, Facebook Likes, Twitter follows, even Klout—have yet to produce a simple, industry-wide standard. It’s not for a lack of trying. 

Big Underdogs Form Display Ad Alliance

In a move to fend off Google, Facebook, and the rapidly proliferating real-time bidding exchanges, AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo last week made the rumors official: They're joining forces. Where they'd normally hand off leftover online display inventory to an exchange or network, the new agreement allows the three also-rans to share the business among themselves.

How to Get Equity Without Really Trying

Before a startup can raise money, it needs users—proof that the concept works. But to attract those users, it needs that money. The result of this catch-22? A bunch of startups stuck in first gear, without users, money, or the means to get either.