Eric von Coelln

The Post-Notification Era on Facebook’s Platform: Viral Marketing Isn’t Dead Yet

There was a lot of hand-wringing by developers prior to Facebook phasing out application-based Notifications on March 1st, especially among smaller developers who relied heavily on them to remind users […]

Facebook Application Gating and Gifting Features Shift to Fit Changing Platform Policies

[Editor’s note: This article was co-authored by Eric Eldon.] When Facebook began enforcing new policy changes in mid December, it was called a “philosophical approach to platform governance.” As we covered […]

Facebook’s Credits Virtual Currency Begins Testing Payment Issues Resolution Features

While neither the full release of the Facebook Credits system nor the release of the full API to developers has yet to be announced, there have been a handful of […]

The Early Social Game Winners and Losers After Facebook’s Platform Changes

When Facebook implemented a flurry of platform changes that curtailed some viral marketing tactics in early December, developers scrambled to revive tactics. There was the thought that this might level […]

Social Game Developers Revamp Viral Tactics to Comply with Facebook Policies

While we recently attributed some of the across-the-board declines in daily active user numbers for Facebook games to seasonality, it’s becoming clearer that recent policy changes by Facebook may be […]

Top Social Game Titles Take a Hit: Seasonal Declines or Something Bigger?

Every year around this time, when I was selling casual download games across the Oberon Media distribution platform, we’d see the numbers of games sold begin to decline: disposable income […]

As Facebook Prepares Credits Rollout, Here’s a Look at the Virtual Currency in Social Games

Will Facebook users feel more comfortable trusting their credit card information with the company instead of social game developers and other payment providers when they go to buy virtual goods? […]

Should Facebook Create a New Type of Relationship for Game Friends?

A funny thing happened to Facebook’s open platform – game developers took the opportunity and ran with it, even taking over the core of the service for a while. By […]

PetVille Ends Cross-Promotion of Zynga Poker – Is Synchronous Game Play Dead?

With the release of PetVille last week, one of the more notable changes is that Zynga stopped cross-promoting Texas Hold’em Poker, signaling that Zynga is continuing to move away from […]

Does Stealing Make Facebook Fish Games Stickier?

As you might expect with the Thanksgiving holidays, growth in the top fish simulation games appeared to wane as the US portion of the Facebook user base focused on real-life […]