Dylan Byers

British Invasion: ‘Guardian’ to Join Gawker, ‘Daily Mail’ in Soho

A month after Guardian News & Media launched the homepage for its expanded U.S. operation, guardiannews.com, the stateside digital team is already planning on relocating, going from Manhattan’s fashion district to swankier digs in Soho.

Huffington Post to Launch Detroit and Miami Sites

The Huffington Post will launch two new city pages in November, Adweek has learned: HuffPost Detroit and HuffPost Miami.

Steve Jobs Headlines

Newspapers may have had to do a little bit of scrambling given the timing of Apple's announcement Wednesday evening that Steve Jobs had died, but they still had time to get the news in for Thursday's paper.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dead at 56

Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder, chairman and former CEO, has died, the company announced Wednesday evening.  A statement released by Apple reads, in part, "Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve. 

Forbes, Legends of the Fall

Stewart Pinkerton’s new book, The Fall of the House of Forbes, reveals a lot about the magazine’s history—including that, according to Pinkerton's reporting, its longtime publisher Malcolm Forbes died from suicide, not heart failure.

CollegeHumor Launches Jest.com

CollegeHumor, the comedy site known chiefly for its original video content, launched in 1999. But if you graduated from college before then, you’ve probably outgrown its demo.  

Huffington to Talk ‘Cause Marketing’

“Advertisers want to be where real solutions are,” Arianna Huffington tells Adweek. The left-right political divide, propagated by the media, “needs to be countered with advertising around real solutions,” she says.

Blodget on Reuters: ‘I Just Find This Vague Tut-Tutting Bewildering’

As a catalyst for media feuds, aggregation seems to be a bottomless well.

About.com Lays Off Two-Thirds of Editorial Staff

About.com, the website bought by the New York Times Company for $410 million in 2005, eliminated 15 of its 22 editorial positions, Business Insider reported Tuesday.

Food Celebs Advise the ‘NYT’ on Picking New Restaurant Critic

The job of New York Times restaurant critic is a highly coveted—and heavily debated—position. Even with the rise of numerous food blogs, the paper's critic is still the one who can really make or break the biggest of restaurants in New York City, and set trends for the entire country to follow.