Drey Dailey

New WaPo Owner is a Real Swell Guy, According to WaPo

In today’s edition of WaPo, reporter Paul Farhi gets Jeffrey Bezos’ first exclusive interview since Bezos’ purchased the Washington Post in early August. In an unsurprising bland observation, Farhi reports that Bezos  has high hopes […]

Afternoon Reading List 09.03.13.

WaPo Wonkbook: Briefing on Syria: In case you were wondering, Syria is a pretty big issue right now.  According to Washington Post reporters Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas’ morning policy news […]

Afternoon Reading List 08.30.13.

Kate Upton, regarding Syria – Taylor Bigler, the Entertainment Editor at the Daily Caller, was recently able to sit down and clairvoyantly connect with world renowned super-hottie Kate Upton, whose […]

Click Bait: Free Beacon’s Buff Babes

Yesterday, the Free Beacon‘s Associate Editor Robert Charette posted this article to their Editor’s Blog.  If you’ve ever wondered what giant women carrying large catfish actually look like in real […]