Drey Dailey

D.C. Settles for Midnight Toking Over Midnight Snacking

D.C. needs to step up it’s (legal) edibles game. According to Jessica Sidman of the Washington City Paper, “the city’s medical marijuana business is too new, with too few patients […]

Photo Wars: Daily Caller’s Halloween Hillary

In which we find photographs on partisan news sites that run the worst possible picture of a person from the opposing party. Clicking over to Daily Caller was a frightful decision […]

Afternoon Reading List 10.23.13

Shep Smith is a jerk (to waitresses):  Gawker’s Jim Cooke has posted a story about Shep Smith’s unorthodox method of ordering drinks at a bar. Apparently, Shep tends to scream […]

Dumbass Pitches: Author Explores Satan

In continuing with our series of really, really stupid ideas that people send us, we have a special Halloween entry into the Dumbass Pitches Hall of Fame. Have you ever […]

Politico Unveils Trade Coverage

Hang onto your hats. Politico will launch a third new Pro coverage for the fall. On Wednesday, Politico Pro Trade will join Pro Education and Pro Agriculture.

Click Bait: BOOBS

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, bookish.com’s Kristen Mascia found some of the breast, err, best quotes about breasts from some of the most successful and renowned boob owning writers […]

Afternoon Reading List 10.21.13

The love/hate relationship between technology and news: NYT media writer David Carr had a piece Sunday about the budding bromance between technology and news, after the two have been at […]

WaPo Tech Blogger’s Half Truths

Timothy B. Lee, technology policy blogger at WaPo, recently contributed a post with the headline “Here’s why Hollywood should blame itself for its piracy problems,” which was changed to “People pirate […]

Afternoon Reading List 10.16.13

MSNBC makes it awkward: According to The Hill’s Jonathan Easley, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) got into a pretty charged-up conversation with MSNBC host Thomas Roberts on Tuesday. She repeatedly told […]

Comedians Take to the Streets of D.C.

This weekend, The Kennedy Center will honor star of television and stage, comedian Carol Burnett with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. In support of the prize, Capital One Bank […]