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January is Profit From Your Passion Month

In the spirit of “if I gotta work, might as well do something I love,” presents its first ever Profit From Your Passion month. Each week in January, we’ll […]

The Atlantic‘s Jay Lauf Reflects on His Biggest Mistake

Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” It took Colonel Sanders a decade to perfect the blend of […]

Jay Lauf on The Atlantic‘s Ideal Writer

It’s not easy bringing a 152 year-old publication into the new millennium, but Jay Lauf and his crew at The Atlantic have already seen some early successes: the newly launched […]

Media Beat: Jay Lauf: “Now Is the Time to Maintain The Morale of Your Team”

Before becoming vice president and publisher of The Atlantic, Jay Lauf helped Wired survive the dot-com bubble burst and grow into one of the most successful magazine brands. So, what’s […]

Media Beat: Ken Auletta Says Conde Nast Missed Opportunity to “Plant Their Flag” Online

Why was Conde Nast, a print leader lucky enough to have the tech-savvy Ken Auletta on their team, so darn late to the digital market? In the final installment of […]

Media Beat: Ken Auletta Is a Business, Man.

Most reporters could only dream of having a career as fruitful as Ken Auletta’s. Bestselling author. Noted columnist for The New Yorker. Respected media expert. Here, Auletta gives tips to […]

Media Beat Premiere Episode: Ken Auletta Gets Googled already brings you exclusive news and interviews, but we thought we could do better. So in our new weekly video series, Media Beat, we’ll speak with the biggest names […]

No Lunch Today, We’ve Got Something Meatier

Before you start hurling four-letter words our way, hold on. Michael’s is celebrating their 20th anniversary tonight, so Diane Clehane will have first-hand coverage of that event for FBNY tomorrow […]

Women Dish About Working For Women

Having a female boss is a drag. She’s either a pushover or a bitch, a stoic workaholic or perpetually on maternity leave. Then, there’s the backstabber who steals big ideas […]

Women’s Magazine Editors Lead the New Media Movement

Top editors from women’s interest publications gathered at Ilili Monday for’s 2009 Dessert & Discourse event. As folks from publications like, WWD, and Woman’s Day settled in, I […]