Dianna Dilworth

Sideways Unveils Digital Jim Morrison at BEA

A new digital publishing software company called Sideways launched at Book Expo this week. They made the BEA iPhone app and they had a booth in the Digital Book Zone. […]

Borders Sees Hope in eBooks on Heels of Loss

The Borders Group reported an 11.4% decline in store sales in the domestic segment in the first quarter of 2010 versus Q109. The Wall Street Journal has the story here. […]

Barnes & Noble’s PubIt Coming This Summer

As the panel discussions circulate around how to navigate the digital book business, the showroom floor is buzzing with companies selling solutions to the problem. The Digital Book Zone is […]

Sony expands global eReader business

Sony announced plans today to expand distribution of their eReaders globally by the end of the year. The plan includes distribution to the Asia Pacific region, releasing eReaders in Japan, […]

Google’s eBook Cloud Still Cloudy

This morning at BEA, Google sponsored a presentation called “How the Digital Book Cloud Works for Publishers and Users,” in which they went into some detail about how their Google […]

Agents and Authors Battle about eBook Royalties

Are eBooks good for authors? According to a panel at BEA today, both publishers and agents concurred that yes, they are. However how eBook royalties should be paid out to […]

The Book Industry Study Group Expects ‘Exponential Growth’ in eBooks

Who is reading eBooks? There is Sheila, the 34-year old book lover who reads her Kindle on the beach. “If you lose sight of Sheila, you lose sight of where […]

Dell Streak Coming to the UK in June

Apple has a way with stirring competitive innovation. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. The iPod spawned the Microsoft Zune MP3 player, the iPhone spawned the Google Android and […]