Deanna Zammit

‘Prada’ trailer grabs the attention of the K-Mart crowd

I’m not what you’d call a fashionista. I don’t spend more than $60 on a handbag, I bought my only pair of “city shorts” at K-Mart, and I really couldn’t […]

‘Lost’ plot thickens with online Jeep tie-in

A while back, some of my Adweek colleagues and I were sitting around the lunch table wondering how the producers of ABC’s Lost could work in some kind of product […]

Fake pirated DVDs give legit pirates a run for their doubloons

South Africans are thinking twice before plunking down 40 rand (about $6 U.S.) for their pirated copy of RV, thanks to a brilliant stunt by TBWA Hunt Lascaris. The agency […]

Ad jokes in sitcoms: classic or crutch?

I’m beginning to think advertising jokes are the crutch of dying TV comedies. Consider NBC’s Scrubs, which until this season was one of my favorite shows. For three weeks running, […]

Torture Museum spells out your sentence

On the heels of some visually gruesome PSAs, the Torture Museum in Prague has found a subtler way to promote both good behavior and itself. It takes a talented copywriter […]

Do overseas ads hurt B-list actors?

Now that American A-lister actors like George Clooney, Diane Keaton and Catherine Zeta-Jones are making millions on ad appearances here, I have to wonder if overseas ad deals are the […]

Milky Way ad gets freaky

Taking a note from Masterfoods rival TBWA\Chiat\Day—the shop behind Skittles’ creepy yet captivating “Beard” and “Trade,” spots—BBDO has added to the pantheon of bizarro candy ads with this one for […]

John Merrifield On The Spot

Chances are, John Merrifield is lying to you. If he tells you he can’t make that meeting, or that he’s overseas the day of your daughter’s wedding, you might just […]

South Beach Soiree

Television may still be the most popular draw at the International Clio Festival, but the formerly top-billed act is, more than ever,just part of an ensemble. Integrated campaigns—which are judged […]

Late-Week Tumbles

Stocks tumbled on Thursday and Friday last week, as a number of poor indicators—including declining consumer confidence, fears of another interest rate hike and increasing oil and import prices—contributed to […]