David Taintor

Rachel Sklar Emphasizes That Diversity, Inclusiveness Are Good for Business

In the past month alone, the tech industry has seen a string of headlines that talk of men pushing misogynistic apps or taking a

Skeleton Hilariously Frightens Drive-Thru Employees

Halloween is right around the corner, so it's fitting that last week's top video, per VidIQ data, featured a skeleton going through fast-food drive-thrus—to hilarious effect.

NYT: Alloy Digital, Break Media to Merge

Two major players in the Web video space, Alloy Digital and Break Media, plan to merge into a new company called Defy Media, according to a New York Times report.

Twitter S-1 Shows It’s Growing Fast, but Still Losing Money

Twitter's long awaited S-1 reveals that the company is growing rapidly, derives most of its revenue from mobile and is used in nearly every country in the world.

Coming Soon: Ads on Instagram

Instagram just made it official: ads are about to hit the social photo-sharing platform.

Bleacher Report CEO Departing

Brian Grey, CEO of Bleacher Report, the highly trafficked sports blog network that Turner bought a year ago, is leaving the company, Turner Sports evp/COO Lenny Daniels said in a memo to staff today.

The Fine Bros. Look to Turn Freaks and Geeks Into Interactive Game

The Fine Bros., the popular YouTube duo Benny and Rafi Fine, are breathing new life into the cult classic TV show Freaks and Geeks—as an interactive, animated, 8-bit game. The game's storyline, which roughly follows the show's plot, is built out over 15 videos (13 minutes of animation in all). Here's how the gameplay works: viewers—or rather, players?—can go off in different directions using YouTube's "annotations," an in-video linking tool that in this case redirects viewers to other videos. Think "choose your own adventure" applied to Web video.

NFL Kicker Gets Operatic in This Video for Dr Pepper

Professional football, opera and Dr Pepper: it's a pretty novel combination. But Justin Tucker, the Baltimore Ravens' kicker, apparently loves all three.

Season 2 of Machinima’s Mortal Kombat Off to a Solid Start

The pressure's on. After Season 1 of Machinima's Mortal Kombat series evolved into a monster hit—to the tune of 70 million views—expectations are high for Season 2, which premiered online last Thursday. And with Machinima fresh off a round of layoffs, the multichannel network could use a bit of positive news. But it has been about two years since the last season of Mortal Kombat hit the Web—an eternity in Internet time.

YouTube to Host Music Awards Show in November

YouTube already serves as a popular destination for music fans. Just witness the recent impact of Miley Cyrus' nearly nude video.