D.M. Levine

With YouTube, Advertisers Need More LeBron, Less Dogs on Skateboards

Earlier this month the buzz via The Wall Street Journal was that Google was preparing to pump $100 million into video subsidiary YouTube, all of it targeted at the creation of original programming and premium "channels" featuring recurring, made-for-YouTube Web series.

YouTube Defends Copyright With ‘Toons

Earlier today, Google unveiled a new punishment regime for YouTube copyright violators: users who've uploaded protected material onto the site are forced to take a copyright tutorial and pass a written test before they’re allowed access to YouTube again.

Scripps Upfront Touts Cross Platform Plays

Scripps Networks Wednesday upfront presentation for a bustling crowd of hundreds of media buyers brought its wares to its customary haunt, Cipriani 42nd Street. The presentation featured a parade of executives and assorted personalities from among the company’s six networks: HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, The Cooking Channel, DIY and GAC.