Court Crandall

Agency Unions: The View From Ground Zero

For roughly 5,785 days, I built and ran a company called Ground Zero. On March 1, I found myself at WongDoody with a new set of partners, a new roster […]

Players of Character

Last week was about as bad a week as I can remember at Ground Zero. We lost two employees. The first was art director Noah Clark, who announced he’s leaving […]

What My Dad Taught Me

Today, my dad, Court Crandall, was buried.Together, we’ve spent 61 years in the ad business. During my childhood, I watched him go from copywriter to creative director to chairman of […]

It’s Time To Get Real

In 2003, there were 28 sitcoms on the fall schedule. Last year, there were 17. What has taken their place? Reality programs. Among the four major networks, a total of […]

Killing Good Work

During my 16 years in advertising, I’ve heard a lot of words—some good, some bad, the rest unfit to print. But of all the words I’ve heard, the two I’ve […]

Art & Commerce

Floats Like a Butterfly and stings like a bee. Creatives could benefit, writes Court Crandall, if they think like a champ I’m on a big Muhammad Ali kick. Obviously, the […]