Christopher Mack

Wheel of Treasure Gets High Marks

Wheel of Treasure is a digitized version of the TV game show, Wheel of Fortune, by Cromulent Software. Up to four people can play at a time, taking asynchronous turns, […]

Word Cube is a Beautiful Social Puzzle Game

While there will always be a lot of bad games in the world, there are those few fantastic gems that shine above the rest. Word Cube by Unit 501 is […]

15.30 – Das Bundesliga Tippspiel is Fantasy Football for Germany

Note: this is the first time I’ve tried to play anything in German. But even though I can’t quite read the language, after some trial and error I was able […]

Busy Bees Doesn’t Do Bee Movie Justice

Games based on movies can be quite hit or miss. Developers release games that revolve around a movie when the movie is about to come out for co-promotion. While I […]

Sharendipity is a New Platform for Building Social Games

Sharendipity is a new platform for building social games. While the company has been around for over a year, the Sharendipity platform (still in alpha) is one of the first […]

Battle of the Bands is Fun but Complex

There are two reasons why most people stop playing a game. The first is I become frustrated by the game’s complexity, and the second is that I become bored with […]

Space Movers Lets Facebook Players “Game for a Cause”

Earlier this week, SGN announced that it has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation for the release of a highly polished social game on Facebook: Space Movers: The Bloom Initiative. […]

Word Twist is Fun, But Could be More Social

Word Twist on Facebook by Zynga is quite similar to TextTwist on MSN Games: the game play and design are almost identical. The primary difference, of course, is that Word […]

Rockstar Cars is a Turn-Based RPG with Bragging Rights

Rockstar Cars is a Facebook game that lets you “race” your friends, create teams, and display your achievements like medals of honor on your Facebook profile. As you play the […]