Chris Holt

Unit 501 Continues to Crank Out Facebook Flash Games with Football Penalty Shootout

Unit 501 seems to come out with a new Flash sports game every week. Maybe they should plan on a longer development cycle. Football Penalty Shootout, or “Soccer” Penalty Shootout […]

Guess the Sketch Challenge is a Board Game That Works on Facebook

I’m still waiting for Facebook developers to translate the iconic Candy Land from board game form to a Flash-intensive social romp. Even this jaded reviewer gets nostalgic for some games. […]

Tower Bloxx is Digital Chocolate’s Facebook Foray

Tower Bloxx is an action/arcade game developed by Digital Chocolate. The premise is pretty simple: you must build the tallest tower you can. A crane hovers over your construction site […]

My City Needs Roadwork

Rendering three dimensions in a social game is a tall order, and My City attempts to leap this skyscraper with a single bound. They don’t exactly nail the landing, but […]

Mob Wars: More Beating, Less Reading

See, I’m from Jersey, see. In Jersey, we don’t got no mafia, see. We just have something called “waste management.” Now who asked choo? Mob Wars is a funny little […]

The Oregon Trail Keeps On Truckin’

The Oregon Trail remains, with the likes of baseball cards and freeze tag, a symbol of my youth. I’m not alone in these warm feelings of nostalgia for the iconic […]

Pokey! is the Big Dog of Pet Games

Pokey!, despite its ambiguous name, is one of the big pet-themed games on Facebook. Developers should pay particular attention to Pokey! (created by Bonehead Labs) because they do a great […]

Ping Pong Still Needs Work

I decided to play Ping Pong with about two seconds thought, and the game was worth that amount of time. No more, no less. The game is exactly what it […]

I’m word challenged

Playfish, makers of Who Has the Biggest Brain, has another hit Facebook game in Word Challenge. For those of you who were hooked on phonics as a kid, love the […]

Nations Needs More Mayhem, Less Text

I wonder what a society would be like run by me. Would it be complete anarchy? Or would I rule with an iron fist and cruelly punish those who don’t […]