Chris Holt

The Blobs Game is Seriously Freaking Me Out, Dude

Acid-trip inspired physics lesson or nightmarish balloon fantasy world? I can’t decide. The Blobs Game inside Facebook is an arcade Flash game where you launch a round little ball towards […]

Bowling Buddies is Another Hit from Playfish

I’m really bad at bowling. So it is with a certain level of chagrin that I take a look at Bowling Buddies on Facebook. Developer Playfish has created a pretty […]

Word Whomp Dash is Gopher-rific

It’s a shame that is a bit late to the game with their latest word-scramble application, because it’s a great little app. Word Whomp Dash demands you power a […]

Mytopia Has An Ace Up Its Sleeve

Blackjack Attack, despite the name reminding me of a 80s hip hop group, is a step-up from the more popular Blackjack application on Facebook. Mytopia is creating a line of […]

Golo Golf Dice Game – More Luck or Skill?

If you’re one of those people who believe golf is more luck than skill, well then welcome to the world of the Golo Golf Dice Game. The game is essentially […]

Mistakes Social Game Developers are Making

Social game developers have a tough path to navigate. How do you make a game profitable? What makes certain social games successful, and others miserable failures? What is a social […]

NES Games is a Great Collection, But Lacks Social Element

Porting console games to Facebook is a difficult thing to master, much like the primitive games they port. While very popular with old players who have grown up with Super […]

Pieces of Flair is Growing Fast

Another entry in the “Why didn’t I think of that first?” category of Facebook apps, Pieces of Flair allows you to add customizable buttons called “flair” to your Facebook collection. […]

Brick Breaking Doesn’t Break New Ground

Combine one part Tetris, one part Dr. Mario, and one part Snood, and you’d get the aptly named Brick Breaking game on Facebook. A puzzle game that asks you to […]

Two Towers is Playable in Three Languages

Two Towers 双塔 by coozymedia is the first bilingual application I’ve played, and hopefully a sign that foreign developers are taking more interest in Facebook. Two Towers is a head-to-head […]