Chris Holt

Battle Tanks is an Addictive Turn-Based Game of Geometry

Battle Tanks is a turn-based Flash Facebook game that lets you control a small artillery task as it tries to blow up the enemy. It’s a PvP game that also […]

Play Sudoku on Facebook with Challenge Sudoku

Challenge Sudoku from Zynga is an aptly named puzzle game that seeks to take the mind-bending numbers game and make it even more stressful by introducing a time element. I’ll […]

Divine Division is Actually Pretty Hellish

Checking out a game in its beta phase can be dangerous, but given the iterative nature of social game design, I checked out the “newest games” tab in Facebook this […]

Tetris Gets Friendly with Tetris Friends on Facebook

Before Snood, before Dr. Mario, and before Scrabulous there was Tetris. Tetris is the ultimate in old school puzzle games. A killer Cold War-era soundtrack, a great concept, and an […]

Cute Catz Lets Your Nurture Your Virtual Feline Friend on Facebook

Cute Catz is a kitten adoption application from the developers of Pet Pupz, Matt Beswick and Nicola Borchard. The premise is simple: you adopt, name, and train an adorable kitten […]

Classic Biplanes is a Simple Retro Flash Facebook Game

Classic Biplanes is a simple flash animation game developed by Michael Edlavitch. The charmingly retro game puts you in control of a little biplane that must bravely shoot down other […]

Traitor – Special Agent Games Promotes a Movie through Facebook Games

It’s a glorious day in a nascent industry when cheaply-produced movie tie-in titles are released. Just as console gamers have experienced Iron Man and Hulk games recently, social gamers now […]

Playfish Keeps Rolling with Pet Society

I never got into the Tamagotchi craze when I was a kid. Why would you play nurse to a poorly rendered fussy little alien? So I’m a bit leery about […]

Elections 2008 – Past Its Prime, But Still Fun

Popularity depends a lot on timing. If Jay Leno starting rattling off Reagan jokes now, they wouldn’t seem very timely and/or funny. Elections 2008 by is making similarly dated […]

Pengapop Has Some Promise, But Lacks Social Elements

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a flash puzzle game where you launch colored balls at other colored balls to clear the colored balls and win. Pengapop by […]