Charlie Warzel

The New York Times Goes Really Old School

In the constant struggle to deliver an engaging, dynamic ad experience on the Web, The New York Times has been pulling out all the stops lately.

SB Nation Sets Daily Traffic Record During the Super Bowl

Last Sunday, Web traffic took a 15 percent dive from normal patterns during the afternoon and evening as Americans across the country raided supermarkets, premptively loosened belt buckles and trudged to their respective parties to watch Super Bowl XLVII.

NBC’s EveryBlock Experiment Folds

The hyperlocal news network EveryBlock, owned and operated by NBC News, is shutting down operations, per a post on the site's company blog.

Undertone Guarantees You Can See Its Ads

In the digital ad world, 2013 is thought to be the year the medium finally "grows up" and publishers start only selling ads people can actually see.

News Corp. Unloads IGN Network to Ziff Davis

After a prolonged, somewhat tortured sales process, News Corp. has finally unloaded IGN Entertainment to technology publishing company Ziff Davis, a subsidiary of j2 Global.

Ars Technica Ads Get Ahead of the Story

In an analytics-obsessed Web climate, everyone is chasing the big story. The problem is, more often than not, big breakout traffic scoops yield attention, eyeballs and notoriety, but very few dollars.

Sports on Earth Struggles, While Yahoo’s Post Game Thrives

There's arguably more high-quality sports writing on the Web than ever before. But despite the high-minded pursuits of sites like The Classical, when it comes to digital sports success, distribution still rules.

New York Times Launches Incubator Program

It's no secret that times are tough for the Gray Lady. A recent round of buyouts has seen a pack of top-level talent walk away from the paper, including a managing editor, John Geddes, and prolific tweeter and editor Jim Roberts.

Deadspin: An Oral History

It all goes back to Ron Mexico.

Beyond Native: Bringing Video Ads In-House

The Verge has started offering advertisers like Ford pre-roll video ads. But in this case, Ford doesn't need its agency, as The Verge produced these Web video spots, using its own technology and editorial staff.